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Our Story

Launched in 2017, Everybooth is the complete business-in-a-box solution for style conscious photo booth companies, photographers, event professionals, venues and creative entrepreneurs looking to launch profitable photo booth experiences and differentiate themselves in the market.

Photo booths are now an event essential and it’s easy to see why when they create entertainment, capture memories and produce a tangible keepsake at the same time.

The general standard of photo booth design isn’t particularly high. Dodgy DIY projects, tacky looking plastic structures, or cold metal boxes with no real focus on the quality of the images they produce - but we wanted to change all of that!

If you’re a Professional Photographer, you may have felt disheartened at how much effort you’d put into your services compared to them?

You were probably even more disheartened when you discovered what they were charging for 3 hours work, compared to the amount you were charging for a full day’s coverage, pre-wedding shoot and complete set of edited images!

In a bid to earn some extra profit, maybe you tried offering your own version of a Photo Booth with your studio equipment, but found you weren’t quite getting the same response? Instead you just ended up creating more work for yourself.

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming about leaving your boring 9 to 5 to start your own Photo Booth business, but are worried about how to market yourself to make it a success and generate a full time income?

Maybe you’re ready to purchase your first Photo Booth, but are sick and tired of seeing the same style of products by the same manufacturers and want to start your business by offering something unique and different?

You might have already made the leap and purchased your first Photo Booth, but are you struggling to differentiate yourself and charge a decent price point? Especially when every man and his dog has the same product as you and are undercutting your prices!

Well don't worry, we’re here to change all of that.

WE ARE EVERYBOOTH and we believe the world would be a better place if Social Photography was a more unique, luxurious and stylish experience.

We feel that capturing someone’s memories and moments deserves to be treated with respect.

We struggle to understand why Photo Booths need to look ugly, or like they were knocked together in your dad's shed!

We think that as well as being fun, Photo Booths should be portable photography studios and offer the same quality results.

We believe it shouldn’t require a van and two burly man to transport one!

We know Photo Booths are powerful marketing tools that can dramatically increase your income and profit margin.

We’re passionate about creating opportunities for you to differentiate yourself and maximise your profit earning potential.

We believe in making your life easier and giving you the freedom to get back to doing what you love.

Hello! We’re Susie and Peter and eight years ago, we were sat around Peter’s dining table trying to figure out HOW we could make his Wedding Photography business more profitable without having to shoot more weddings. Tired of all that pre-wedding prep and editing and struggling to differentiate himself in a saturated market, he needed a solution that would allow him to work smarter, not harder!

We stumbled upon the idea of adding a Photo Booth to his services, but couldn’t find a suitable solution to buy off the shelf that would align with the quality of his brand. So we decided to start designing our own and created our deluxe Photo Booth rental business - Booth Revolution.

Since 2010, Booth Revolution has gone from being the only Photo Booth company in Yorkshire to one of many, but we’ve managed to avoid entering into a price war with our competition and keep our business profitable, by offering our clients something unique and stylish. It has also given us the flexibility and financial freedom to focus on doing what we love - designing beautiful wooden Photo Booths in the Yorkshire countryside.

Now we want to help you build your own profitable Photo Booth business by sharing our knowledge and experience through Everybooth.

Everybooth is everything you need to CREATE A DELUXE PHOTO BOOTH BUSINESS

  • Luxury Photo Booths
  • Modern Backdrops
  • Stylish Accessories
  • Business Education

We specialise in targeting the Luxury Weddings and Events Market and appealing to clients that are happy to pay a premium for a high end service.

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We can’t wait to work with you!

Susie & Peter

Earth Tones

An exciting collaboration with PB Backdrops

New Collection

Earth Tones

A sophisticated collection of stylish, modern backdrop designs in warm muted earth tones. Inspired by the natural world.


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