Our full Turnkey version comes with everything you need to get going quickly, straight out of the box.

We have designed Everybooth to include the printer inside so that all of the equipment is housed in one compact unit, with one mains cable and there is no need for a separate printer station. The printer holds 400 prints at a time which will cover between 2 to 4 events.

The Mitsubishi D70 can print 4 x 6” and 2 x 6”, and with larger media, 5 x 7” and 6 x 8 prints”.

You can purchase printer media from wherever you like, which will allow you to get the best possible price and have local dealers readily available. Once you purchase Everybooth, we will be happy to recommend some great suppliers.

If you already own a compatible Canon or Nikon camera, we can deduct £400 + VAT off the Turnkey price. You will also need to provide the camera Mini-USB to USB cord and AC Adapter. Please get in touch to find out which camera models are compatible with our system. The only camera that is tested to work perfectly with Everybooth is the Canon 100D which we supply with the Turnkey version.

You are also welcome to use your own studio flash for a reduction of £200 + VAT off the Turnkey price. It must be AC Powered and also have the ability to be connected to a camera with a PC slot. The Everybooth Turnkey version comes with an Elinchrom D-Lite 2 RX Head.

If you would like to use your own Dye Sublimation Printer we can deduct £700 + VAT off the Turnkey price. Please contact us first to find out if your printer is compatible. The Everybooth Turnkey version comes with the Mitsubishi D70.

Everybooth is operated through the 15” ELO touchscreen located at the front. Users will see a “live view” of themselves on the screen. After touching “START” it will take a series of photos, the number of which can be determined in the settings. It will count down each time and then show a preview of the image. This is all done in a customised interface that you can brand.

The 10” screen to the back displays the images taken in a slideshow and also allows you to reprint, email and upload them to social media. This does away with the need for a separate social media sharing kiosk, meaning less gear for you to carry and no issues with connectivity. It also keeps the queue to use the booth flowing nicely.


Yes, users can select their choice of green screen backdrop before each photo, or you can set it to one constant image.

Yes, Everybooth comes standard with video recording functions. You can set the video to be as long or as short as you like.

Everybooth can shoot with different creative filters, including black and white, sepia, pop art and more.

Power / Transportaton

No, the entire unit is AC powered so you’ll never have to change batteries during an event.

Everybooth requires 110-250 Volts AC power. All of the components are connected internally within the photo booth structure, so there is only one mains cable to plug in.

Everybooth is multi voltage and can be used in countries outside of the UK.

Carrying cases can be purchased as a separate add on.

Set-Up / Lighting

Everybooth is approximately xxx to the top of the chassis and xxx to the top of the beauty dish.

We recommend a minimum floor space of 2.5m x 2.5m.

We would recommend that your Everybooth has some supervision, especially as an attendant can interact with the client and really enhance the experience for them.

Everybooth was created with portability as one of the top priorities. We have designed it to be small enough and light enough to transport regularly in a hatchback car.
That being said, another top priority was stability and Everybooth has been designed to be strong and robust. We can also add extra security features such a lockable panels, to stop any equipment being removed if the booth is unattended. Please get in touch to find out more.

If you purchase our Turnkey version, you will be given a comprehensive half day training session with us, either in person at our studio in North Yorkshire, or via Skype.

You are always more than welcome to contact our support team directly. During regular business hours, we are available via phone and email. We will respond to support issues the same day or within 24 business hours.


All electronic equipment is covered by the original manufacturer's warranty for at least one year.

Apart from general wear and tear, the wooden chassis and tripod are also covered under warranty for a year.

All products are final sale.

Everybooth is designed and made in Yorkshire, UK.

Everybooth is not a franchise and we don’t charge franchise fees or require any money from you after you purchase Everybooth.

No, but the beauty of purchasing Everybooth is that you get all of the benefits of a franchise without having to pay us any fees. Everybooth is completely owned by you upon purchase which means you can name your company anything you want.

No, but you can purchase backdrops and backdrop support system from our website HERE.