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The world's most luxurious photo booth

We’ve poured our extensive knowledge and experience from running our own successful Photo Booth business over last 7 years into designing Everybooth. Operating within the Luxury Weddings and Events Market, our clients demand nothing but the best. For this reason, they desire a superior and unique product which they’re happy to pay a premium for and your clients will too.

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A design classic in the making

Everybooth is the photo booth that has everything... looks, style, class and the latest technology.

  • Movie star good looks
  • Retro styling
  • Deluxe detailing
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • The latest technology
“It produces amazing studio quality photographs, whilst managing to look like a designer piece of furniture at the same time. Inspired by Mid-Century Modern design, Everybooth combines beauty, form and function in one super luxe machine. Its iconic shape, made up of clean lines and gentle organic curves, will enhance the look of any surroundings. At last, a photo booth that deserves pride of place at the venue.”

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Key Features

  • Desirable design - adds value that clients are willing to pay more for
  • Portability - 3 easy to transport pieces that fit into a small vehicle
  • Quick set up - 15 minute assembly for 1 person with plug and play technology
  • Internal printer - no need for a separate print station
  • Additional touch screen - no need for a separate email and social media sharing kiosk
  • Rotating camera bracket - allowing landscape and portrait shooting
  • Strong and steady - solid base and low centre of gravity means it won’t topple over
  • Fantastic lighting - produces flawless images every time

Everybooth is unique

Everybooth is lovingly handcrafted in Yorkshire by master craftsman, from oak and plywood. Each one we produce has its own unique woodgrain and distinctive pattern, so no two booths will ever be the same.

Better over time

Everybooth is built to last using traditional furniture making methods. Like any well made and well loved piece of furniture, it will get better over time, developing its own special colour tone and character. During the making process, each piece of wood is hand sanded, graduating down to the finest of papers. It’s then oiled both sides for protection and to bring out the gorgeous patina.

Made to move

Everybooth is solid and robust, but its clever design and construction technique means it’s also made to move. The lightweight birch ply frame is decorated with oak veneered panelling, retro shaped oak quadrants and custom moulded oak bezels. It rests on a solid oak tripod with aluminium levers that lock the retractable legs into place and also act as a levelling device on uneven ground.

Picture Quality

“Designed by photographers for photographers”

Everybooth is not just about entertainment. It’s a portable photography studio to take on the road. The professional studio flash and beauty dish mounted on the bespoke stand, ensure everybody will always look picture perfect. Images taken by Everybooth look fantastic at any size. Create additional add on sales by offering large format prints after events, just like you would with your photography business.


Everybooth features two top of the range elo touch screens. The 15” screen to the front operates the booth and displays the live view, making it easy for users to get themselves in shot. The 10” screen to the back displays the images taken in a slideshow and also allows you to reprint, email and upload to social media.

Software capability

Our turnkey version comes pre-loaded with the latest powerful software featuring:

  • Live view
  • Customisable user interface
  • Interactive print layout editor
  • Green screen
  • “boomerang” animated gifs
  • Video booth
  • Sharing via email, Facebook, Twitter and text
  • Creative filter effects

Everybooth’s retro modern design makes it versatile for any style of event and venue, whether it be a vintage affair, rustic barn wedding or futuristic corporate do. Customise everything from the user screens, print template designs, print sizes and photo effects.

Getting started

Whether you’re comfortable with photography and technology, or don’t know the first thing about it, the Everybooth turnkey solution is designed for effortless set-up, right out of the box. In under 15 minutes you’ll have…

Build Your Own

If you’re tech savvy, own some of the equipment already and know your way around photo booth software, then our Shell version could be the option for you. Just let us know which elements you do want and we’ll work out the price accordingly.

Pricing and Specifications



£4,795 + VAT + Shipping


£8,495 + VAT + Shipping

Fully Assembled Oak & Plywood Chassis YES YES
Fully Assembled Oak & Plywood Tripod YES YES
Mains Cable (5 Metres) × YES
Power Distribution Unit & External Inlet Installed YES YES
Canon 200D 18MP Digital SLR Camera × YES
Canon 18-55mm IS STM Lens × YES
Rotating Landscape/Portrait Camera Mount × YES
15” ELO Touch Screen with Mains Adapter YES YES
10” ELO Touch Screen with Mains Adapter YES YES
Intel Core i5 Computer with Solid State Hard Drive 8GB RAM × YES
Wireless Mini Keyboard × YES
1 × External USB Port YES YES
1 × External HDMI Port YES YES
1 × External RJ45 Port YES YES
Elinchrom D-Lite 2 RX Head × YES
Elinchrom 44cm / 16.5” Beauty Dish × YES
Light Stand & Wiring YES YES
Citizen CX-20 Dye Sublimation Printer × YES
USB A-B Lead For Printer × YES
Mains Adapters For All Equipment × YES
All Software Installed with Licenses × YES
Half Day Training Session × YES

*For more details about export and pricing options for customers based in the US, Canada and the rest of the World, please contact us directly.

Accessories Price (GBP)
Padded Chassis Bag with Handle & Wheels £200 + VAT + Shipping
Padded Tripod with Carry Handles £150 + VAT + Shipping
Padded Light Bag with Carry Handles £150 + VAT + Shipping
Small Oak Tripod Legs £300 + VAT + Shipping

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Our huge range of quality backdrops are available to custom order in a range of sizes.

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Everybody Loves Everybooth

Emily & Katy - L U X Booth

"From the moment we spotted the Everybooth at the Photography Show 2017 we were smitten! We instantly fell in love with the design and thought it was a wonderful thing to add to our offering as Wedding Photographers."

Monique - Boothomatic

"The booth has surpassed everything I thought it could do, the design has wowed people at every event and I know it will continue to do so.”

Julie - PhotoBooth4You

"We had been looking for over 18 months to add a new booth to our existing offering and just couldn't find "The One", that is until we saw the amazing new Everybooth! You can’t help but fall in love with the unique look and feel of this booth"