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Article: Tipsy Twins Photobooth: Our Experience with Everybooth® ICON

The Tipsy Twins Photobooth

Tipsy Twins Photobooth: Our Experience with Everybooth® ICON

Who we are

Hi, we're Lauren and Katie, twin sisters and the founders of Tipsy Twins Photobooth. We saw a gap in the photo booth rental market and wanted to create something unique and unforgettable, something our customers would look forward to and cherish for years to come. Our goal was to craft a photo booth rental experience that matched the beauty of the events we serve.

The Tipsy Twins Photobooth

In this blog, we'll share our experience with the stunning ICON booth, hand-built by Everybooth®Their craftsmanship is unparalleled, and we're excited to tell you all about it.

Why We Decided to Invest in The Icon

When we invested in our first ICON booth, our business was already thriving with three other photo booths: one digital iPad booth and two DSLR booths. However, we felt we were missing something. Our booths had a sleek look, but we wanted something more eye-catching - something that would blend seamlessly into the event aesthetic while standing out as a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece. That's when it hit us: we needed a wood photo booth. Not just any wood photo booth, but one with vintage charm, clean lines, and modern technology. Enter Everybooth® ICON.

We found Everybooth® through a Google search, and their new ICON booth took our breath away. Unlike other wood photo booths, Everybooth's craftsmanship was unmatched. The ICON's perfect blend of modern and vintage aesthetic, combined with features like the large back panel screen, made it an instant favourite. This feature, in particular, impressed us - it's perfect for playing videos and displaying logos during events, a capability we hadn't seen in other booths. Additionally, the beauty dish flash design added a beautiful detail, enhancing the booth's appeal without compromising its aesthetics.

What Our Clients Like About ICON

Design Aesthetic: Our clients love the Icon's aesthetic. It's often described as the most beautiful photo booth they've ever seen.

Marketing Panel: The large back panel monitor gets rave reviews. Couples love seeing a highlight reel of their relationship during their event, and corporate clients appreciate showcasing brand videos and campaigns.

User Experience: The iPad interface makes the booth user-friendly for both attendants and guests. While we always have an attendant on-site, the booth's simplicity means it could run smoothly without one.

Picture Quality: With the Canon EOS R100 and professional lighting from the beauty dish, every photo is perfection. Seeing these high-quality images shared on social media and framed at home is incredibly rewarding.

Client Feedback: Our clients' positive feedback speaks volumes about the Icon's impact. Comments like "This is the coolest photo booth I've ever seen" and "The quality is so good!" are common. These kind words are a testament to Everybooth's hard work and craftsmanship.

“I’ve never seen a more beautiful photo booth before!”


The Tipsy Twins Photobooth
Everybooth ICON at a brand launch for Abrand Denim

How We Got Our Return on Investment

Let's face it, dropping major coin on a fancy photo booth can feel like buying a pet unicorn – magical, yes, but will it, you know, actually pay for itself? We are happy to report that our ICON booth has been a resounding success and our ROI rockstar. We knew the ICON booth should be a significant rise in price, but we weren't sure if our clientele was ready for the lift. Would they see the benefit in upgrading to the ICON and could they justify the cost difference between our other booth options? Again, happy to report that this was a huge YES! Let's breakdown what we found in our first few months with our Everybooth® ICON

Increased Bookings and Repeat Clients: The ICON booth's elegance and unique features have been a major draw for our clients. It elevates the event experience for guests, leading to more bookings and client satisfaction that translates into repeat business. The rise in booking price was clearly understood as you can visually see the difference and key features before even diving into the offering. Specifically for our corporate and brand partners. The large rear panel is a huge selling point and the perfect place to highlight their brand launch videos and product campaigns. It's a no brainer. 

Cost Savings and Efficiencies: The ICON booth is streamlined and efficient to set up and operate. This translates into cost savings on labor and transportation, and allows more time for our attendants to test for lighting and capture social content at events. 

High Revenue Potential: As stated above, ICON allows us to command premium pricing for our services. Clients are happy to pay more for the luxurious experience it provides. Overall, the Icon booth has been a game-changer for our photo booth business. If you're looking to take your offerings to the next level and secure a strong ROI, then investing in a luxury booth with Everybooth may be the perfect solution.

Since purchasing our Everybooth® ICON, we've seen a 44% increase in bookings compared to last year, (yes, you read that right) and so excited for our second ICON to join the fleet this summer!

The Tipsy Twins Photobooth

How We Market It

Our ICON booth is a vital part of our brand identity, visually representing the premium experience we offer. We feature the ICON in all our promotional materials, including our website, social media platforms, and paid advertisements. This strategy has attracted our dream clientele and significantly increased inquiries and bookings.

A recent Mother's Day promotion featuring our ICON booth highlighted this impact. Despite offering free printing on any booth for bookings of three or more hours, the primary interest was in the Icon's aesthetic. The volume of inquiries about the ICON, rather than the promotion itself, demonstrated its strong appeal.

The Tipsy Twins Photo Booth

Our Experience with Everybooth

Our experience with Everybooth® has been exceptional. From the start, Peter and Susie’s detailed walkthrough of the ICON booth and the seamless purchasing process reassured us of our decision. The shipping was quick, and everything arrived safely from the UK.

Everybooth's customer service is outstanding. Despite the time difference between the UK and Southern California, their response time is unmatched. They treat every interaction as a partnership, providing prompt and effective support when needed.

In conclusion, investing in Everybooth® ICON has been a game-changer for Tipsy Twins Photobooth. It has elevated our business, delighted our clients, and proven to be a smart financial investment. We couldn't be happier with our decision and look forward to many more successful events with the ICON.

If you're interested in adding Everybooth® ICON to your business get a quote here.

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