Interview with Wedding Photographer Mark Raffan

We interviewed destination Wedding Photographer - Mark Raffan from Valentina Weddings and this is what he had to say about adding Everybooth to his business...

Did you feel it was a big risk purchasing Everybooth?

Before committing to buy Everybooth, Peter showed me what earnings I could potentially make and I thought it would be achievable, so I didn't feel there was a huge risk in purchasing it.

I did my market research and asked my client base if they would hire it and the feedback was excellent! From a business point of view, it was a no brainer and it looked to me like I could recover the price of the booth pretty quickly.

What marketing have you done to launch Everybooth?

I have been so busy I haven't really marketed the booth, it has just sold itself so far. All I have done to market it is email my existing clients and they have booked it on the spot. At wedding shows I showed people photos of it on my iPad and they booked it on the spot too! I don't even have the booth on my website yet, so I am really impressed with how popular it has been.

What would you say to anyone thinking about investing?

My business is more profitable and more appealing to my clients since purchasing Everybooth. My brand is also more fun and dynamic and the photo booth perfectly compliments my current services as it's photography based. If someone wants to earn more money easily and quickly, as an up-sell it's fantastic! If you are considering it, you could reach out to your existing clients and get them excited about it to test your market.

When did you first hear about Everybooth?

I have known Susie and Peter for years and had been interested in purchasing a booth to enhance my photography offerings in Italy and Yorkshire.

They told me that they were designing a photo booth to sell back when it was in its early design stages and it was 9 months later before I saw the design. I was incredibly excited as it looked far better than I had imagined.

Why did you choose Everybooth over other photo booths available on the market?

I hadn't made any attempts to look at any other types of booths and I tend to buy from people I know. I'd score Susie and Peter 10/10 and totally trust them. I didn't feel I needed to shop around as I knew they would deliver what I wanted. I received my booth in March 2017.

What did you think to the price of Everybooth?

The price was more than I had initially hoped to spend, but I didn't want to pay for something cheaper like a mirror booth, as I don’t like that design. But after I had done my market research the price became irrelevant to be honest. If you know you have the work to cover the initial investment, then the numbers don't matter too much. As soon as you get confirmation it's going to be an easy sell and it's going to make money, that's the most important thing.

What do your clients think about Everybooth?

My core base is in Italy and the booth has gone down an absolute storm, as they don’t really have many photo booths out there. My Italian colleague was sceptical, but I cleared the dance floor the first time I used it so the queues speak for themselves.

What price are you charging to hire Everybooth?

I'm currently hiring the booth out for £595 - £675 on its own, depending on which package they choose. I charge a slightly lower rate for my existing photography clients at £495 - £575.

Mark also commented...

"I viewed buying the booth as a way to up-sell to my already existing client base and it is such an easy up-sell and no-brainer. You have your client base and already have your enquiries, if people don’t book you as a photographer then they could still book you for your photo booth."

"The booth is almost like free advertising, guests take the print away, put it on their fridge and my details are on there."

"I considered creating a separate brand for my booth but there are more benefits to keep the booth under my photography brand name as it then markets my photography company too."

"The booth is easy to use, I use it at its most basic level and that is more than enough, but I feel reassured that Peter and Susie are at the end of the phone to help me."

"Transporting the booth is easy and the bags protect the booth."

"The cool design and set up time is easy and simple and I feel like they have gone above and beyond."

"My business is more profitable and more appealing to my clients now since purchasing Everybooth."

"The booth is worth my extra time for the profits involved and my wife can also work with me if I needed help, but it is manageable to run on your own too."

"Originally I bought the booth to compliment my existing work and I was just going to buy one. However seeing how popular it is with my clients and seeing the profits vs the amount of work you have to do and how easy it is to sell I would now consider growing the booth side of the business and if it meant buying another booth I would give it serious consideration."

"Everyone is so interested in the looks of the booth and it is almost as important as the booth experience. It it pretty well paid for a few hours work."

"I think it is a perfect compliment to any photographer business. If someone wants to earn more money and easily and quickly as an up-sell its perfect. If you are considering it you could reach out to your existing clients that you have, tell them and get them excited about it to test your market."

"I was able to integrate the booth seamlessly into my business so the existing client management systems and client galleries were all able to be adjusted to accommodate the booth."

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