Introducing Everybooth

Introducing Everybooth

Everybooth is an innovative new brand and product line from the team behind Booth Revolution, created to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, social photographers and established photo booth businesses worldwide.

These days a photo booth is a must at any event. It’s a great option for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business, or photographers wishing to expand their current product offering. If you’re tired of seeing the same old photo booths on the market that will struggle to set you apart from your competition, Everybooth have the answer.

This March sees the international launch of their exciting new brand and a complete range of products to help you create your own deluxe photo booth business.

  • Extraordinary photo booths
  • Modern backdrops
  • Stylish accessories
  • Business education

EVERYBOOTH is the photo booth that has everything… looks, style, class and the latest technology.

Peter Leese - Managing Director, Photographer & Chief Designer comments:

“Everybooth has been exclusively designed by us from start to finish, so you won’t find it anywhere else! We have poured our experience as photographers and from running our own successful luxury photo booth business over the last 7 years into the design.”

“The industry is dominated by lots of products constructed out of fabricated metal. We wanted to create something tactile and unique and that had a bit of soul. Our wooden vintage booth has always been our most popular model to hire, so with this in mind, we set out to design the ultimate luxurious wooden photo booth.”

Inspired by mid-century modern design, Everybooth has been lovingly handcrafted in Yorkshire to look like a designer piece of furniture. It is constructed around a solid birch ply frame with oak veneered panelling, retro shaped oak quadrants and custom moulded oak bezels. By the nature of the material used, every booth is unique. This photo booth has some serious soul!

The quality of photos produced by Everybooth are exceptional, largely due to the professional lighting and equipment used, something which Booth Revolution are renowned for.

Everybooth also runs on the latest software available on the market, providing features such as email and social media upload facility, photo filters, green screen, video and animated gif to name just a few.

About Booth Revolution

Booth Revolution are a luxury Photo Booth hire business with branches in the UK and Italy. Founded in October 2010 by Photographer Peter Leese and Marketing Manager Susie Hughes. After many years of experience servicing weddings, private parties and corporate events, Booth Revolution understand what it takes to run a successful Photo Booth business.

Movers and shakers, idea generators, portrait takers, memory makers. photography geeks, fun loving freaks, artists and inventors, marketing mentors. Ice breakers, party starters, style lovers and engineers. Booth Revolution is a collective of all of these things and more.

We are very much looking forward to sharing inspiring and helpful content on our blog and social media channels. We will invite you into our studio where all the magic happens and share tips and tricks for entrepreneurs who want to start their own photo booth business. We hope you follow our exciting journey and love our new products as much as we do.

Thanks so much for stopping by and we will look forward to meeting you at The Photography Show or Photo Booth Expo!

Susie & Peter


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