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Article: 7 Ways To Elevate Your Client’s Photo Booth Experience Using An Online Gallery

7 Ways To Elevate Your Client’s Photo Booth Experience Using An Online Gallery
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7 Ways To Elevate Your Client’s Photo Booth Experience Using An Online Gallery

how to elevate your photo booth client experienceAs I mentioned in my previous blog post, 3 Ways to Enhance Your Client's Photos, the experience that you offer your clients doesn't have to end with the event. There are several ways to continue offering a great experience, including creating beautiful online galleries for your clients to share and enjoy post their event. In my latest course, The Photo Editing & Workflow Course, I walk through exactly how I use online galleries to wow my clients. Today I am going to walk through 7 benefits to creating flawless ways to showcase your photos to your clients. 

photo booth1. Choose a Gallery That Fits Your Brand’s Style.

There are so many online gallery platforms available to choose from, both cost and cost-free options. When choosing a platform to deliver your client’s photos, I recommend choosing one that allows you to personalize the aesthetic to your brand’s style as well as a platform that fits the vibe of your company. If you are a luxury company, choose a platform that feels very modern and high-end. If you are a fun photo booth company for hip couples and events, choose a platform that allows you to personalize the color scheme and match it to your brand. A few of my favorite online gallery platforms include: Pic-Time, Pixieset, and Pass Gallery

2. Brand Your Gallery.

Choosing a platform that allows you to personalize it through branding will elevate your client’s experience and beautifully showcase their photos for them to view and share. When you brand the gallery, it not only makes it part of your service, it shows off your brands which creates exposure for your company when they share it with their friends & family.

3. Separate Gallery Photos Into Sections.

If your wedding client hired you to shoot both color and black & white photos, separate the two into sections. It will streamline your gallery and make it easier for your clients to view and select which photos from each section that they want to download and share. Not to mention it will display the two types of photos beautifully within their own section of the gallery. I also do this for the cocktail hour and reception photos. Since the two were taken at different times, I like to showcase the two separately for my clients to have more organization to their gallery. 

4. Hand Choose the Cover Photo.

I recommend hand selecting the cover photo for your client’s gallery to add a personal touch. For wedding clients, I choose a favorite photo of the couple to showcase on the cover. For event clients, I choose a photo that I feel best represents the energy of my client’s event, one that shows everyone having a great time. 

5. Preview Your Gallery Before Sending.

The one rule that I have is to do one final preview of the gallery before sending. The last thing that you want is to send the gallery to your client, only to realize later that you had a problem with the uploader on the off chance that they didn’t all upload, or that you forgot to choose the cover photo to complete the look of the gallery for your clients. This extra step will go a long way and shows that you care about the little details when delivering a product or service to your client. 

6. Under Promise, Over Deliver.

You can impress your clients by under promising and over delivering when it comes to their final gallery. I do this by letting them know when to expect their gallery and that it will typically be delivered no later than ten business days after their event. However, I over deliver by sending it immediately after their event within one to two business days. This is a great surprise for them and creates excitement over having the opportunity to relive the moments from the wedding or event without having to wait an extended period of time. We all love fast turnaround times.

7. Automate Gallery Expiration Emails.

The last thing that you need on your list is to personally email a client to let them know when their gallery is going to expire. However, it’s important that you DO let them know. Clients cannot be expected to keep up with their gallery going offline, so it’s important to create an automated system that gives them a heads up before it expires to create last chances for viewing, sharing, and downloading. I use an online gallery that allows me to set this up within the platform and it automates these emails on my behalf.

For more ways to elevate your client galleries, view my shop and check out my Photo Editing & Workflow Course
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