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Article: 5 Ways to Create the Ultimate Photo Booth Client Experience Through Email Communications

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5 Ways to Create the Ultimate Photo Booth Client Experience Through Email Communications

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Hello Everyone, Kaytee here! I am the owner of Badass Photo Booth and creator of Booth Wrkshp. Booth Wrkshp is an online platform for photo booth owners with self-paced courses to help you grow a profitable and creative photo booth business. I’ve teamed up with Everybooth to bring you a new monthly series of educational blog posts with information pulled directly from my courses. Our goal is to create a community of like-minded photo booth owners that are passionate about creating profitable businesses, while focusing on a work/life balance. We got into this business to give us MORE time to create a life that we love. We want your photo booth business to inspire you, fuel your creativity, and give you time back to enjoy life away from your office.photobooth business resource

Today I'm sharing a snippet from my self-paced course, The Emailing Course, to help you level up your emailing skills with clients. When you focus on creating an organized workflow through your communications for your clients, it not only provides the ultimate customer experience for them, it streamlines your workflow to give you time back in your day. 

Clients get a first impression of your company from your very first email, all the way to your final communications with them. They value organization, professionalism, and they take note of your ability to successfully communicate with them. It’s important not to underestimate the power of quality communications with your clients. It’s one of the ways that you can set your company apart by offering top notch organization and communication. 

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1. Give Your Clients a Timeframe Of When To Expect A Response From You

It’s important to set client expectations up front and let them know when they can expect a response from you or when they cannot. You can easily do this by putting your office hours and work days in places such as the footer of your website, your email signature, and your Google Business Listing. An example would be, “We respond to emails within 24 hours Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm.” For my photo booth company, I keep our response times readily available to clients if they need to reference them. Other places to put this information would be above your contact form on your website as well as on the thank you page that pops up once someone has submitted the form to you. 

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2. Be Prompt & Consistent In Your Responses

Who doesn’t appreciate when a business is prompt to follow up? When you are prompt with your responses, it tells your clients that you value their business and that it’s a priority for you. If you have it in your contact form that you will respond to new inquiries within 24 hours Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm, it’s important that you follow up within that time frame. If you say that you will email them a questionnaire two weeks before their event date, be sure to send that no later than two weeks before their date or better yet, one day earlier. The best way to create an excellent client experience is to be prompt, consistent, and stay on top of things. You can build trust and gain repeat clients all by showing up when you say that you will. With that said, it’s important to set the tone if you do not plan to answer emails over the weekend and be consistent with what clients can expect from you. You can set the standard up front and be consistent with the timeframes that you’ve set from there. 

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3. Go Above & Beyond To Stay Organized

People need organization, especially when it comes to planning an event. There are so many details that they have to remember. Part of the experience that you can offer your clients is to do the work FOR them when it comes to communications with your company. It’s not their job to remember to follow up or to submit information at a certain time. It shows professionalism on your part if you create an organized client workflow that follows up when necessary and keeps them on track at every turn. 

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4. Show Them Who You Are

People buy from people they know and trust, so one way that you can build trust up front is to create an email signature that not only has your office hours, but also includes your name and a photo of who you are behind the screen. If you don’t already have professional photos of you on hand and aren’t really into “headshots” use your photo booth and have fun with it! We are in the business of having fun, so you can get as creative as you want to and match the aesthetic of your company using your own setup. Another way to show them who you are is to infuse your personality into the emails. I will be doing an entire course and a blog post dedicated to branding, but part of the CORE of your company’s brand is made up of who you are behind the scenes, so showcase your personality in your emails and speak in a way that feels natural to you.

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5. Address Clients By Name At the Beginning and End of Each Email

Addressing your clients by name adds a personal touch while being professional. It says that you have taken the time to personally email them, without just copying and pasting, even if that is what technically did. It tells them that you care about them as a client and that you have taken the time to learn their name. This detail will go a long way in building trust. You’re telling them that the little details matter to you and that you care about them AND their event. 

Thanks so much for following along with new series with the Booth Wrkshp & Everybooth Team! I hope these points inspire your communications to set your photo booth company apart, building trust and professionalism with your clients.
You can again full access to the Emailing Courses here!

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